In CAD branch:

Gives engineering support for all departments involved in development. using of engineering software  in design and modeling of sheet metal, Plastic, and casting components :

  • SolidWorks
  • ProEngineering
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop
  • Sensitivity analyses and parameter studies
  • Simulation of assembly process
  • Design and development of special machines for assembly lines and test benches.

In CAE branch:

CAE leads to complete development-process of new designs and re- designs as well.

Implementing a wide range knowledge of different physics for mechanical behavior using of simulation software


Failure analysis  of hydro-dynamic loads, fatigue loads and  evaluation of crashworthiness of components.

Linear and non-linear calculations of  parts and assemblies

Optimizing the shape, topology,  geometry and material property of components of an assembly with the aim of  reducing the  weight  and production costs.